11 May 2013


elsa may...just having a little think out there in the big yellow sea.

how glorious it is to turn pretty much every corner around here and see/smell the rapeseed.
and i know she is delighting in the explosion of blossoms above and below right now.
pink white blue yellow. we are both in love with this month.

"a portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
linking up with jodi (and many others) for this project.

both myself and my girl really loved this photo of eva in her crown from last week...sleeping beauty.
and oh poet's shoes and bloomers. le sigh!


  1. she looks so sweet in her cosy knit cardigan, eminently cuddle-able!

  2. Very sweet love the explosion of yellow around her!

  3. Look at her little face! Love the contrasting yellow and dark blue tones.

  4. How lovely. I love all that colour x

  5. Anonymous9.6.13

    Hi, this is a great picture of your daughter, love the perspective!


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