19 October 2008


...why oh why am i eating these? (nigella's coffee + walnut splodge cookies which sounded perfect to me for an autumn weekend) baked on saturday...tested...not great...not sweet enough...too soft (i like chewy cookies)

(sorry nigella but i've noted them in my book as a 1/10)

tried again today with the addition of some dark divine chocolate drizzle. they may look ok but they are decidedly disappointing...which leads me full circle to ask why am i still nibbling?!

(i know my mum will understand this one!)

hoping next week's baking will be better...any suggestions will be welcomed with open arms!


  1. Nigella's recipes always seem to be a little off, nice ideas but the recipes and quantities always seem to need heavily tweaking.
    I got some lovely wet walnuts and I am hoping Skye Gyngell's recipes are a little more accurate - walnut and honey tart.
    I am sure I still have my SHS cookbook somewhere, scones? lentil soup? Swiss roll?!

  2. morning miss p!
    ah yes...if only miss larder had been on hand she would surely have warned me off that recipe! and maybe told me to throw the bad cookies out for the birds instead of scoffing. but more importantly right now i'm wondering why i can't remember having a school cook book??! wonder if there are any on ebay? the walnut and honey tart sounds divine. hope it turns out a treat for you. x

  3. Biscuits have to be sweet and a bit on the sickly side for me to enjoy them....
    You know my views on Nigella....if she was ugly no one who have any of her books....dig out your Dairy Book of Cooking and make some fork biscuits or brandy snaps!! and serve them with lemon mouse and then let me know what time for tea:)

  4. hi kelly,

    i do indeed inderstand the compulsion to eat baking/naughty stuff even if it is sub-standard, must be the genes!! not like you to have a baking failure, i and the whole family will confirm that!! lovely day with you Frid, what a dream comission! m xx

  5. Oooh, I so dislike baking failures. I like a good, chewy cookie too! Recently I've been trying some new cookie recipes from "Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake & to Share" and I blogged about a couple of them just recently with links to the recipes online. Both cookie recipes were absolutely fabulous...if you like a sweet, chewy cookie that is! :)

  6. Oh, poor you. It is always such a grim feeling to be eating something in the knowledge that it is wasted tasteless calories! I like chewy too...but I'm yet to find the perfect recipe. x

  7. That's determination!
    I hope you find better recipes for the perfect cookies soon :)

  8. that IS a frustrating issue.
    but at least they looked scrumptious!


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