27 January 2009


(not really in the usual form of magazine pull)
but these made me dip into my wage packet
before i could even clock off last week

i cannot underestimate the importance of a good looking stamp...and it is a constant cause for debate at my counter with many customers complaining about them. "too dark. too boring. not pretty enough. too small. too big. oooh those horrible gold ones! and don't get me started on too expensive"...all that bothers me is how to choose who to send these to and how i want to write more real letters this year.

18 January 2009


i have eaten leftover mini key lime pies for breakfast. it's the weekend and there are no breakfast rules. and i always remember my mum letting us eat what were left of the puddings she'd made for dinner parties the next morning when we were little. see the legacy you handed down mum?!

so this weekend i've whiled away time having fun with poladroid (as discovered here). got productive with some base coating + beeswaxing of furniture. and felt ever so rockabilly listening to imelda may.

best of all it's been sunny and breezy...which means laundry on the line again and coffee outdoors. i'm even sure it's staying light a little longer too. uplifting.

today...happy birthday to my brother ben...love you.

next week...i'm excited to report new projects ahoy!

16 January 2009


plaids + stripes day!
(and another no sunshine 9 to 5 here)
hence the blurry mix
with a few from the archives

big thanks to lovely leya for hosting a fun week
it's been a great way to get back in to noticing
+ discover new blogs
(both of which i aim to continue to do)

happy weekend to one and all!
(coming full circle back to a love of orangery)

14 January 2009


pink today
(with added velvetiness)
+ i would bake rose macarons today
but i have to work at the post office


i am embracing today's yellow theme
by baking banana loaf
to eat with with my mum
at coffee time

12 January 2009


purple tuesday
and a 2-parter
my grape harris tweed waistcoat
(you may see a developing theme here...
fuzzy photos...the daylight here is very poor)

10 January 2009


i have orange on the brain. this lady started me thinking and now it's all i can ponder on.

we have a very precious standard lamp that my grandad made and i have been itching to paint it for ages now. it could just be the catalyst for redecorating our sitting room. i have plans. but it is on the to-save-for list...a little pot of paint isn't pushing the budget too far though and so i'll be hunting down the right shade pretty soon. any recommendations for wood? the last time i used one of those mixed to order oil based glosses and it seemed so heavy and gloopy to handle. i am falling for babouche by f+b...purely based on the name and my sentimentality for a pair of shoes i have in that exact colour.

seville marmalade almond tart baked today to take to a friend's for supper tonight. doesn't that tipple look delicious too?

hope your weekend is a happy one. looking forward to a week of colour here starting monday.

09 January 2009


january has been a great deal about books and films so far. me and c have watched so many fill-ums (that's in an irish accent!) lately. not all good but some are well worth a look. french rom-coms on dvd...priceless and i do were so-so but just have to be loved for the leading ladies. cosying up with coffee and chocolates at the cinema for australia and slumdog millionaire did not disappoint (although i would like mr jackman a little less muscly!) one thing i loved about both was the gorgeous abundance of beautiful colour. very much needed in the bleak winter we've got right now here in england. (try taking a decent photo this week sans flash...i dare you...making me realise i must get round to getting myself a tripod)

books are such a sanctuary this month. savouring sofa time with some very special books which i was lucky enough to receive at christmas (and will post about soon) and also adoring these two library loans which will probably be renewed at least twice over as i struggle to part with them when the time comes!

shirley and raymond. i love reading biographies and these combine that subject with wonderful illustrations. both are strongly family orientated which reaches out to me emotionally.

ethel + ernest...the true story of his parents. in comic strip style. moving and funny in equal doses.

a life drawing...lovely warm andecdotes with photos and sketches and lots of nods to other artists who i've made note to research. oh and the cards she made for her loved ones over the years are a joy to behold in particular.

both books deliver immediate comfort in the childhood memories they evoke. and now revisiting their work i'm inspired all over again. i'd really love to find that freedom on paper...me and my pencil need to loosen up this year!

p.s. thank you all so much for the concern for bosco...he is doing really well and is getting way too many cuddles as you can imagine

07 January 2009


now you see it...now you don't

bosco...don't scare us like that again! we just had a fretful 24 hours with mr b who got very poorly and couldn't be perked up (not even with his beloved tuna) and a visit to the vet ensued along with things we didn't want to hear like heart mummur...x-ray...anaesthetic. but i am very happy to say that he is home again. foreign body removed...heart beating fine. funny shaved neck and paw. tuna well and truly scoffed...and then some. back on the bed. and even a purr. it is so good to see him making familiar shapes. sigh...these furry ones tug at the heart strings don't they?

02 January 2009


i wonder what you have in store?

the prospect of a fresh start is such a good place to be in...and my sense of hope feels renewed once more. so many things i would like to do and they are buzzing round my mind right now. i could begin to write them down but i'm going to ponder a little longer whilst eating the last of the sugared almonds by the fire and enjoying days off with ciaran.

(definitely on my list is learning to play my lovely new ukelele from c!)

so if you are here and reading this i wish you all good things for the year ahead...sweetness and light and creativity aplenty...see you on the journey there! xxx