22 June 2012

Hop Skip Jump Run...

over to nell's charming blog today...please!

i had meant to mention earlier in the week what a super dooper giveaway she is kindly offering to mark 250 posts and two years of blogging. i believe it finishes on 24th june so there isn't much time...

nell creates the most gorgeous little knits for bambinos. so different from anything else you'll find. i am in love with the dungarees myself! plus the cutest wee accessories like the hair bows and booties. did you ever see them featured on this lovely family photoshoot?

not only can you win something from her sweet shop happy circus but there is a friendly 20% discount code for all her items on sale and another gorgeous children's clothing shop (a new find for me) called lazer baby vintage. and a chance to be gifted a copy of papier mache magazine.

what is not to love?? i seriously think you should enter the draw. and you will not be sorry to stumble on the goings on at on the first day of marriage. nell writes beautifully about her new family life and creative adventures and then there is josephine! ad-dorable :)

21 June 2012

Elsa Wears

a new little series from my sketch book...well on a scrap of paper that the girl was painting on too actually. stripey top from zara and belle and boo bloomers. today accessorised with tights. yes tights in june. and imaginary (dairy-free-butter)flies. i am excited to unearth my own watercolours now and make regular doodles...after all the subject is usually across the table with her own paintbrush so i have the perfect reason.

16 June 2012

The Girl with The Magnum

cut out a bow tie. grab a tashe. loving this download! (via poppytalk)
we had the trendy glasses but alas they were soon torn in 2 years old hands. next year?
take some pics in front of a bit of fabric. creases add to the charm naturally.
see how the brilliant people at pic monkey give you craft scissors?
hey presto. last minute card for the morning!
good job he doesn't read the blog.

11 June 2012


greetings from a land where rain is the order of the day.

i am pleased to report that it has not stopped play.

but it has made things a bit tricky to photograph.

these are my new thing. i would love some feedback if you have a minute?
postcard sized and originals. i think i'd like to sell them that way. perhaps with an option to customise with a name or special date or greeting.

i like them in frames. and then i might put together a set of print postcards?
just thinking out loud.
i will test the water with a few in the shop.

07 June 2012

This Week. Today. Right Now.

i am having a lot of fun with masking tape right now.
this is a wedding message to go with a commissioned cushion. 

this week i heard some fantastic baby news from a dear friend.
a wee miracle and a similar journey to our own.
i keep smiling every time i read the note she sent me. a secret smile.

have you read tim's beautiful post today?
i felt goosebumps when i sat pouring over the words this morning.
my coffee going cold and tears on my toast.

01 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Pud & A Winner

thank you everyone who entered the giveaway and left a lovely comment...i just did the random number generator thingy and my winner today is emilie. number three. i will email you tonight to get your address...lucky we share the same flag colours hey?! i hope you like the little diamond jubilee parcel.

we will be enjoying lots of good food and drink this weekend. sharing our offerings with friends and family. dodging any spoilsport bank holiday rain. wearing red white and blue.

i plan to make a gigantic pavlova. it's and why not some teeny tiny bunting to top it off? any excuse. i bought stripey straws. i think i may need to drink from them every day they are adorable!