24 August 2011


elsa’s nursery keeps on evolving as i get time to add decorations and display her little treasures. i like making small sets of her precious things...today i took a couple of photos before the dreaded blackout blind went up! there are so many bits and bobs but these are a few favourite views. and the rabbit poster you see leads me in nicely to an adorable book that we look at together. the fold-out is actually the reverse of the jacket sleeve so you get a bit of wall art to admire too...oh but how i'd love an original print!

so to continue with the tour elsa is the proud owner of lots of belle and boo beauties...her handcut e is from heartzeena...wee wooden mushroom made by my amazing grandfather...and the tiny sitting fawn is a hornsea find.

below is an original painting by julie which i have probably shown before but it is too good to miss out on again...and guarding the owl and the pussycat sits a sweet babette from le train fantome.

that dress on the left up there was one of mine! elsa wore it a few times but now it is too small so it's hanging up to make us all smile along with one of her first matinee jackets handknitted by my mum and another favourite white simple baby dress. reminds me just how small she once was.

my mum made the drapes and blind for this room too. yes i am unbelieveably blessed to have a mother who generously continues to create and give her time unconditionally to me and her grandaughter whenever we ask and intuitively when we don't. a love that i am feeling now and learning from all over again.

pom poms and wooden hearts are from the girl's birthday party back in january.

garland of circles on the wall made by me. the evening before i went in to labour!! and dotted around there are a cute family of russian dolls from janet...my own beatrix potter books...owl print by dee beale...a teeny strawberry shortcake from my obsessive childhood collection...oh and (big) little grey rabbit made by my mum and co-star of the 12 month photoshoot.

wow this is a long post!!! but if you are still with me then we come full circle back to the book below. it is so great...honestly we swoon and laugh at every page. i am dying to get some wallpaper now for the one blank wall in elsa's room. shall i post a few sneaky peeks from inside tomorrow?

more crazy layouts...apologies...am too tired to work out how to do it now. but still loving the big pictures!

22 August 2011


we just got back from a delightful weekend in norfolk with a precious friend.

always drama to be found in the huge horizon there.
(appearances are rather deceiving as it was actually very warm)
and i was secretly pleased as the clouds rolled in though and felt less fearful of the sun
on our girl's pale pale skin.

now we are home and still feeling a bit weathered!

p.s. please excuse my little play around with the layout here...so glad to make my images big but now need to sort out the other parts.

17 August 2011


Align Centre
a whole season ago i picked up a lovely old chair from the charity shop down the road. it has since sat in our garage and i have walked past it so many times promising to set to dolling it up.

promises promises.

but now a job i can say i have finished on my long list.
f&b all white eggshell...grey linen seat pad and a black floral cotton cushion for elsa to lay back on and chill...perhaps with her bear friend.

next? photographing quilts. setting up a new shop. finding a cracker of a wedding outfit. haircut. owed emails galore. and more.

now? catch up on the archers and a mega studio tidy. i can just about find my keyboard to type this. it is shocking. wish me luck!

15 August 2011


sorry about that! the tide of the weekend dragged me under...we broke out my box of old strawberry shortcake dolls with elsa. i know i have done it way too early but secretly i wanted to play with them. needless to say she was rather excited...

...but i have resurfaced and must begin with a thank you to everyone for sharing your seven-tales with me. and nice to see a few new faces here too. you are always welcome.

my little draw did take place on friday...in a ceramic pot as opposed to the random number generator! handwritten folded pieces of paper. very technical. but have no fears it was all done under strict supervision from an important adjudicator.

and our little red press winner is...

NELL! who was actually comment number 7. spooky.

nell...i will pop your wee parcel in the post this week. please email me your address when you get a chance.

hoping that your weeks are off to a good start. i have about a dozen projects on the go at once. plate spinning! last night i made a cushion though in a few hours. that made me happy.

07 August 2011


a little while back i bought some lovely letterpress cards from hannah over at little red press...i was so pleased with them as i had a few special birthdays and our own wedding anniversary to celebrate. hannah is super friendly and helpful and if you ever need a unique card in a hurry she's your girl!

there is something i like about seven as a number (and yes as a name too as it goes.) if it means anything special to you please leave a comment and i'll do a little draw on friday 12th august for this card and tag set. and if you'd be so kind hop over for a peek at the little red press folksy shop for more brilliant paper goods.

06 August 2011


ok...so only in the house.
and in the bedroom this evening with my little miss. not getting ready to go out. warm soya milk was the tipple. a white onesie was the look.
yes the photos look calming but we rocked to a little bit of this.
and this. isn't music amazing? (elsa's new favourite word..."am-ay-zing!" oh and "it's broke")
and a few more rhinestones stuck on our wallpaper after her lights out...i am embracing my old life as employee of a disco ballroom latin couturier for the most tan-some folk of the world.

i hope you found some tunes to make you happy this weekend.

tomorrow a wee giveaway.

02 August 2011


and so as the sticky heat really hits my little corner of the world...today i am very happy to say that i can be found at the cool and lovely place that is leya's blog. curious bird.

a little guest post about my dog days of summer.

leya kindly involved me in sharing her space with a whole group of other bloggers this month while she ups sticks with her wee family. i have loved reading her blog over the past few years and so it is special for me to be there waving hello today.

but i happened to be writing when it was decidedly less warm.

ha! we were down to our bloomers today.
good news is i did wear a top. bosco went nude as usual!
off to find a fan.