02 August 2011


and so as the sticky heat really hits my little corner of the world...today i am very happy to say that i can be found at the cool and lovely place that is leya's blog. curious bird.

a little guest post about my dog days of summer.

leya kindly involved me in sharing her space with a whole group of other bloggers this month while she ups sticks with her wee family. i have loved reading her blog over the past few years and so it is special for me to be there waving hello today.

but i happened to be writing when it was decidedly less warm.

ha! we were down to our bloomers today.
good news is i did wear a top. bosco went nude as usual!
off to find a fan.

1 comment:

  1. come and join me in front of the fan! bless the bloomers!!
    i see elsa has green fingers too!!
    enjoy the lovely weather xx


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