10 October 2012

My Day 2

...kcwc day three
oh last night was fun. elsa fell asleep as i cooked the pasta dinner. and then wouldn't go to bed. no way.

so i did a bit more sewing with an assistant. the top still isn't finished but i got the binding on and now just need to turn under the little shoulder inserts. and snip all those threads. of course elsa refuses to wear it for a photo :(

i could do with making another one of these tops straight away with the lessons i learned as i made it. that is the trouble when you don't quite have a plan...i am going to write my own little how to on the pattern i traced. like how i should have left a length of bias binding at the centre back so i could stitch it through to make a ribbon tie instead of having to add extra pieces. the top should have a button opening but a tie closure looks cute too. it would probably be better in a slightly stretchy fabric as a top for a toddler...they move so much!! i think it is going to look really sweet over a simple white turtle neck though. now what to bribe her with to model it for me?

i also got a little distracted with a mini project to revamp one of elsa's jumpers from last year. it still fits her but no matter how many times i washed it there were a couple of stains right on the centre front. grrr. i almost threw it away but then had a spark of inspiration and added a little (anna maria horner) voile ruffle down the middle. i am pleased and so is she!

09 October 2012


ok day two...but i'm reporting on my day one!
this little top is from the sweet japanese pattern book les couleurs francaises...i bought my copy a while back from the wonderful m is for make. i have sat and flicked through and ooo-ed over the pages but now i have a good excuse to actually try something out for elsa.

so last night i traced the pattern and managed then to just cut out the fabric and start a bit of sewing. there is no denying that i am useless at following instructions even when they are in my own language and so i have looked at the diagrams and done my own thing so far.

the fabric is very old and something i have had in my stash forever. i think it may have been from a dressmaking project that my mum worked on about 20 years ago?? anyway it is good that i have the selvedge to use as a hem as a detail. i am not quite sure what i'm going to use to bind the neckline yet. perhaps a neutral like tan in a cotton bias.

sewing continues tonight!

08 October 2012


kcwc fall 2012...day one
sorry for the poor quality photos...october has given us a dull start this monday.

it definitely feels like the right time to be changing in to proper autumnal clothing. yep vests are-go round here.

i don't have a big target to hit with the challenge this week in terms of getting lots of things made for elsa by sunday but i am really excited to begin 7 days of sewing just for her. if i get her a wee hat and top made i'll be happy.

i think she will be happy that i have some superhero shiny fabric and something to tick her i-love-pink-box.

my studio is semi-tidy and i am ready to cut and start tonight...hoping bedtime goes to plan for little one. good luck if you are joining in and if you aren't it's not too late! this week i'll blog about my progress and link to some inspiring makes and patterns.

05 October 2012

{this moment} inspired by soulemama

a friday ritual.
a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
as the summer drew to a close i enjoyed working on a couple of quilts for new babies. our little team of two...that is my mum and me...pieced together the small squares with love.

this one for a friend who is very girly. she loves pink and it seemed just right to make something for her own daughter in those lovely sugar icing tones. and tonight we get to deliver it to the new family in the hope of a swap for a cuddle with wee betsy.

elsa has bought her a rabbit doll. i have spent most of the day trying to convince her that she really should not keep it for herself. that it will make her a really nice friend to give a special present. what will she do?

02 October 2012

i think this new season...for me...has to revolve around simplicity and creativity.

i am very lucky to be at home with my daughter full time. i want to keep embracing the days we have to spend together and the simple routine we enjoy. autumn will bring a few changes because next month she will begin at playschool for a few mornings every week. i am tiny bit anxious about this. letting her go that little bit but of course understanding how ready she is. that changes have to come. it will give me a sliver of extra time to put in to my own creative work. my personal challenge is to try and start to work on bringing in a small income so that i can be there to collect her every day. paper fabric thread paint at the ready.

so a list of hopes...plans and promises...
the garden. keep on keeping on picking the runner beans and making sure we use every one of the veggies we've grown. that means courgette pickle. and perhaps holding back on eating so much so i can gift some too. i have a wonderful recipe which i will share. beetroot. any beetroot suggestions? and then there will be a tidy up. chop chop.

and the herbs to enjoy in stews and risottos. food food. lots of simple cooking and a vow to not fear yeast and get to baking with some. cinnamon rolls. i think i could eat one every day through autumn. the loveliest spice.  

skin. to see what is making mine so problematic in recent months. i am just beginning to try out using the most basic method of cleansing with olive oil. with a tiny bit of lavender added. can i stick it out a while longer to see if things settle? i was so inspired to read about rachel's advice...i'll revisit the subject and let you know.

wardrobe. a change and a reshuffle. refining and ebaying for me. definitely making sure i find a way to spend the toast gift voucher that my husband bought me last december. no i do not have amazing willpower or such a vast amount of lovely clothes that i do not need to use it...he didn't realise that i wouldn't be able to use it online. and so i need to get me a personal shopper near to a store! i really haven't bought more than 5 new pieces of clothing (and 2 of those 2nd hand) all year. that feels good actually. i am going to make myself something this autumn...but make more for elsa. and from the fabrics i have hoarded away. overflowing from the cupboard in my studio. pinafores and bonnets and tutus and capelets. stitch in to the night by the woodburner!

i re-read my words. it's just my same old list really! there are other things. thrifting and quilts and friends and christmas gifts that are on my mind. but to wrap up for tonight and looking ahead i hope to focus on the things that make us happy as a family this autumn. simple for us...plenty of music and dancing in the kitchen...and mum's plum jam.

01 October 2012

new season hopes...a creative autumn.
easing in to blogging again. i have such a block. i wonder if just writing a bit and more often will clear my head somehow. and inspire me to document family life and making things.

so i will be participating in kcwc most definitely...details and plans to follow in a post this week.

my other plans for octobernovemberdecember? will you check back tomorrow? x

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