09 October 2012


ok day two...but i'm reporting on my day one!
this little top is from the sweet japanese pattern book les couleurs francaises...i bought my copy a while back from the wonderful m is for make. i have sat and flicked through and ooo-ed over the pages but now i have a good excuse to actually try something out for elsa.

so last night i traced the pattern and managed then to just cut out the fabric and start a bit of sewing. there is no denying that i am useless at following instructions even when they are in my own language and so i have looked at the diagrams and done my own thing so far.

the fabric is very old and something i have had in my stash forever. i think it may have been from a dressmaking project that my mum worked on about 20 years ago?? anyway it is good that i have the selvedge to use as a hem as a detail. i am not quite sure what i'm going to use to bind the neckline yet. perhaps a neutral like tan in a cotton bias.

sewing continues tonight!


  1. Lovely colours Kelly - really looking forward to the finished piece!

    1. thanks! shamefully i think they are perhaps more to my taste than elsa's...next version to include her favourite (make that dark) pink or gold. we have a daily discussion "what's colour do you prefer?" where i tease her and say i choose pink first! x


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