31 July 2011



we enjoyed the last weekend of month seven making a den outside and welcoming pop's new tractor. it is blue. elsa approves.

it has been a july of play-dates (enjoyed) (e) and diets (bleughh) (k).

and let's just say not enough effort has been put in to the latter.

but august ahoy! i need to make you a healthier month for me. i have just eaten the last fennel cupcake to be sure a fresh start is ready and waiting for tomorrow.

26 July 2011


my mum and i have been enjoying a return to sewing collaborations of late. in fact we have even got in to a groove of working officially together every monday at her house where she has an amazing (and tidy!) new studio...sharing a big desk space and then continuing on the projects back in our own homes through the week.

i really like the feeling of that bit of structure to start my creative week. by no means is it formal...one of us is usually reading a story to our "helper" or trying to keep her amused with fabric scraps. but at some point we head out for a stroll and elsa naps for at least an hour...which is when we can go mad on our sewing machines and break out all those dangerous things. you know...pins and scissors and metal rulers...the kind of things that every toddler insists they'd rather play with than the wonderful basket of lovingly selected toys that has been put in front of them.

anyway back to my tear sheet talk. and this is something i've been hanging on to for ages. from an old waitrose food illustrated. a recipe for baked trout stuffed with hazelnuts and rosemary. which sounds divine. i adored the delicate colourway of the photo.

and so we are making a quilt to sell. we make so many for friends and family (as there seems to be a non-stop baby boom in our part of the world) and then the odd private order. but we are interested in stocking up a little online shop too and so i think this will be the first to go on the shelf. more details to follow...

25 July 2011


after a sunday of chasing our little one round and round the church green...energy zapped (and an evening glass of wine gone straight to the knees) we collapsed. and i had to smile as we lay there and my husband gave praise to beds of the world!! "isn't it so good how you can just take the weight off your feet and wow...rest your whole weary body". such a pleasure indeed. and perhaps that little giving of thanks made way for one of the best visits to the land of nod we've had in ages. elsa didn't come to join us until after 6am! (yes this is a good nights sleep round here).

so it is more running about for her from now on. and more high fives to the mattresses...frames...pillows...sheets...blankets...those things that make up the heavenly place to drift away. we salute you.

happy monday. today i am quilt making with my mum. tomorrow i shall show and tell you about our projects and plans.

23 July 2011


a bit of a lazy post...right down to the photograph above.
but there is more eating to be done and of course tea drinking now it's afternoon.
enjoy your weekend treats!

credit to country living july 2011 who wrote a mighty fine recipe.

22 July 2011


i always read about it on blogs and in books...so i have no excuse for not being warned.

from way back in my wardrobe i found a pair of fisherman trousers. the colour so perfect. the fabric so soft. the look. so awful on me. and so never worn never washed they seemed destined to be part of a birthday gift to myself. a new quilt to cuddle up with on the sofa.

and so lovingly each square was cut and pieced and sewn. perhaps i was just too happy with myself and my creation. my washing machine saw fit to wipe the smile off my face and the trousers took their revenge for years of neglect.

i have been told that the yellow streakiness adds to it's charm. a hint at vintage? i do love it nonetheless but it will always be a little lesson for me. and i am just relieved that it wasn't an order for a paying customer. i gave myself a good discount.

thanks so much for the welcome home and cushion love. i am feeling back in my comfort zone being here and seeing familiar faces in my comments box.

and now for a weekender cake...

19 July 2011


Justify Fulltoday was the anniversary of loss. so i have been remembering him.

and holding his family in my heart and mind all day.

and realising how lucky i am to be where i am and with the people who i love beyond words.

and thinking. and inhaling words from the summer day.

18 July 2011


a snooze that lasted a wee bit longer than expected.

i am just stretching out of one of those deep deep ones. where you wake up wondering where you are and it takes a while to get going.

so much so that i just need to type these few lines...to ease in before i come back fully refreshed.