21 December 2008


sweet making to share with you today

cardamom and pistachio fudge

just click on my jottings to see the recipe

19 December 2008


that's official. i may need reminding though (mum...please)

and so many great festive posts around right now...when everyone is busy making and inspiring...and yet i can't find the time to read them or to type a comment...bookmarking so many for later.

marzipaning the cake tonight. writing cards for our neighbours to hand deliver tomorrow. birthday cushion to cut out too. needless to say all housework has been shelved for the time being...threads and fluff are turning up in all kinds of places...freezer stock is dwindling by the day...ironing? what's that?

just resting my weary shopping feet...umm i guess it's time to confess i didn't go totally handmade this christmas. a felt dustbuster wasn't available on etsy. sure it would be a much more attractive option but probably wouldn't have quite the suction action required!

so back to the festive jobs for me. hope yours are going to plan. and if you're all done and dusted...please don't tell me...i couldn't take it : )

17 December 2008


yes three pressed glass bowls

(and two in lovely colours)

all for £2.50

which leaves more in my purse
for buying sweet treats to fill them with!

12 December 2008


so just in case you hadn't seen the beautifully crafted work by lynn and stella i would like to open the door to their sweet shop over at folksy for you today. and news on their adventures in stichery can be found over here.
i would very much consider myself a longtime fan of the label and am the proud owner of several special pieces. i love the strong handwriting that they have succeeded in developing.

things have been taking off for the ladies with some nice press in sew hip and country living this month and i am really thrilled (and proud) that their talent is reaching a wider audience.

when i wear my suzy corsage i am always the recipient of a compliment. from the pensioner at the post office..."that's a jolly nice badge you're wearing today young lady!"...to the barrista serving my caffeine treat and spying the adornment on my knitted beret..."where can i get myself one of those then? it's so lovely!" so a purchase is a win-win situation. pleasure in wearing and then going forth to enjoy the charming words from admirers!!

another idea for the christmas shopping basket. supporting handmade is the best!

all images courtesy of florence hope...merci beaucoup!

07 December 2008


hot water and lemon for me
tea for c
a drink from the bath tap if you please for b

05 December 2008


listening to this as i get the production line of my christmas cards going. thinking about painting my nails for a special do that we're off to tonight and looking forward to putting on my swishy dress. drinking coffee and eating one of those toffee waffle things that has been sitting on top of the cup going gooey. wondering how i am going to get all the things made that i want to give as gifts but enjoying shopping for handmade too. knowing that this weekend is my last chance to get the garden in order...already left too late. plotting a convincing case to get c to let me buy our tree this weekend! x

04 December 2008


(mr mcc that is...who in fact has only given me flowers on 2 occasions in fourteen years)

but miss pickering does. and boy does she bring good flowers!!

this delicious bunch arrived bright and early on my doorstep via mr postman in a huge box cushioned with tissue. how could i fail to have a good day with a start like that? i skipped off to work with a smile on my face that not even the grumpiest queue-moaner could wipe off. suprises are the best and this one was overwhelmingly generous. did the princess squeal when she was handed hers too i wonder?

i love the list of ingredients that comes with. good for me as i like learning what is what in a floral emporium. and the kind of one where mulled wine is on the go at 4.15pm sounds like a mighty fine establishment!

thanks again simone...xxx

p.s. i really don't mind that ciaran isn't a flowers man. he does buy very special gifts. but i may just hang on to the above recipe card for that elusive bouquet number 3 should he go wild and feel the need in the future!

01 December 2008


headbands...i wish i could sit and make them all day. i worked 8.30-1 today at the post office which was kerazily busy. car tax and christmas stamps and not a sip of tea to be had...which is a bit frazzling. so to be sitting down and sewing this afternoon is the perfect balance for me. i'm making an emerald one today. reminding me that green really is the best.

and whilst i'm talking things for the hair...i heart these knitted bow bands by dollyknits and have bought one for a special girl. yes my christmas shopping has begun! these come with free postage today which is even better : ) check out her gorgeous neck scarves and arm warmers too!

another etsy favourite is this calloway blue and tan feather headband from featherbrain. it is perfection to me...just the kind of thing to wear to a party this month. and if you are still with me on the hairband fan club then i recommend a click on ban.do all i can say is s-woon!!

happy december xxx