28 February 2011


take a dull start to the week
and an idea you saw here via here
place big branches in an out of reach (for a certain someone) corner
read about the oscar frocks by the light of (mostly more radiant) daffs

27 February 2011


ladies (and gentlemen?)
...i find myself stuck in a funny place with clothing right now.

my relationship with my wardrobe could do with a little therapy.
having hoarded garments from student days and size 10 days and on a whim days i am parting company with lots of things. no room for sentiment i feel like i want to chuck it all out and start again. ever feel like that?

i have pretty much created my own uniform lately of long sleeved tops plus smock~shirt~vest worn with either a pair of toast jeans (which are actually now too small for me) or brown cords.

i'd like to find that rush of love again as my eyes meet with a thing of beauty. the problem that's been creeping up on me though is having the novelty of a proper grown~up night out and the nothing to wear panic as i frantically flick through the coat hangers i have.

situation solved momentarily when i made a new top. from this book.
and ordered a pair of new boy jeans in the right size. uniform again.
next on the agenda...get thee a dress that you can not wait to show off.
any pointers?

24 February 2011


some new revamp~restoration projects...

the sweetest little person chair. £4 from our local hospital charity shop.
the plan...rub down...then either wax or paint {i am currently favouring albany wimbledon}...new cushion and upholstery. to match in with the sitting room...which still needs finishing. shameful.

cabinet for the hallway. £10 reduced to £5 from my favourite auction overspill in st ives.
plan...rub down...paint {perhaps?} in grey. perfect for the phone and key bowl and a flower to greet you. oh for an anenome in an urchin. it is {definitely} to sit in front of another project...an out of use hallway door to be painted top to toe as a blackboard. but there is work to be done before we can all doodle messages and i can indulge in a decals.

this much i know. i am good at envisaging possibilities. less good at getting them going these days.

i am thinking that spring will be an inspiration as far as colour schemes and motivation goes. and as that's about 3 weeks away then it suits me perfectly. i'll probably decide on what to do 19th march.

i am unbelievably slow these days in starting let alone completing jobs. and that's the nice jobs as well as the mundane! but i have to say that today the sun came out. i sat in it's warmth...one i'd almost forgotten...and whilst my baby girl napped in the fresh air i drank a cup of tea sat on our bench...noticed the buds on the lilac bush and thought ok. i'm ready. bring on the manifesto!

02 February 2011


you know the website?

the combination has often intrigued me. so now we are on a cake roll with elsa and in a slight change to the original...i present cocoa & courgette! {trust me to subtract any glamour going about here.}

baked with a certain girl in mind {you get the picture...no eggs-milk-butter-etc} they probably were more of a hit with the grown ups...well me...{and i would have liked the addition of real chocolate chips please} so it is back to the drawing board with the recipe for these buns. watch this space though...i aim to revisit and share once i get baby approval.

01 February 2011

POST 200

so i'm a month late with the wishes?
happy new year (minus 1 month) folks!

well well well...things continue to be rather picklesome here.

but a first birthday brightened up january...and there were plenty of other high notes to enjoy last month. spring flowers hit the shops. festive food bit the dust and new cooking ideas are afoot in our kitchen. i'm quilting again...when not indugling in pom pom make-a-thons!

ahead of her turning one i was given a brilliant cake recipe by the lovely miss percy for elsa. no eggs. no (cow's) milk (oat instead). no soya. (we have been bonding over allergies.) i got to bake at long last for my girl and joy of joys she is now team leader of the sweet tooth gang that twas founded by me and her daddy.