01 February 2011

POST 200

so i'm a month late with the wishes?
happy new year (minus 1 month) folks!

well well well...things continue to be rather picklesome here.

but a first birthday brightened up january...and there were plenty of other high notes to enjoy last month. spring flowers hit the shops. festive food bit the dust and new cooking ideas are afoot in our kitchen. i'm quilting again...when not indugling in pom pom make-a-thons!

ahead of her turning one i was given a brilliant cake recipe by the lovely miss percy for elsa. no eggs. no (cow's) milk (oat instead). no soya. (we have been bonding over allergies.) i got to bake at long last for my girl and joy of joys she is now team leader of the sweet tooth gang that twas founded by me and her daddy.


  1. You've made January fun Kelly!

  2. oh happy {belated} birthday elsa!
    a whole year old! x

  3. Happy belated birthday to Elsa, look at those eyes, she's gorgeous!

  4. Hope all is well in the McLorey house and little lady had a fab birthday! I've at last returned to blog land today too, gosh it takes a bit of getting back in to doesn't it?!
    Speak soon,
    Much love,
    L xx

  5. Anonymous23.3.11

    I love this post! The pictures are amazing! (:


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