08 October 2012


kcwc fall 2012...day one
sorry for the poor quality photos...october has given us a dull start this monday.

it definitely feels like the right time to be changing in to proper autumnal clothing. yep vests are-go round here.

i don't have a big target to hit with the challenge this week in terms of getting lots of things made for elsa by sunday but i am really excited to begin 7 days of sewing just for her. if i get her a wee hat and top made i'll be happy.

i think she will be happy that i have some superhero shiny fabric and something to tick her i-love-pink-box.

my studio is semi-tidy and i am ready to cut and start tonight...hoping bedtime goes to plan for little one. good luck if you are joining in and if you aren't it's not too late! this week i'll blog about my progress and link to some inspiring makes and patterns.

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