14 March 2009


a few web finds to share this saturday...

i am planning to pretty up my parcels with this tape from rockett st george

make breakfast-time special with a rubber lace tablerunner from design my world
{check out the bargain placemats too}

serve home-baked treats on these sweet doilies from plumo

and begin many projects as i have these beauties! they were passed my way by my very kind aunt lynda who has been having one major clearout...i have been so lucky to have bag-fulls dropped on my doorstep of the most wonderful trimmings and some quirky finds that i'll show and tell soon.


  1. Ding Dongs!
    Your aunt Lynda's donations have made me go all tingly!

    I have seen the lace tape at the Eternal maker and have to say I was tempted.

  2. Oh I am so into lace, and doilies, at the moment. Actually now that I think about it I have always been into lace. Maybe I am just loving that the rest of the worlds loves it now too!

    That tape is divine.

  3. So absolutely beautiful, I love lace!

  4. So much lacy goodness! The pink paper doilies are awesome!

  5. Wow, that lace would look wonderful trimming a skirt, or wrapped round a wedding bouquet

  6. If something with lace is always gorgeous......

  7. If something with lace is always gorgeous


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