13 March 2009


here i am again and two weeks since last time. someone needs to pull their blog socks up!

so to precis the fortnight before i start over...the letter did arrive...i became a first time godmother...turned lemons into curd...got around to reading again {thanks mum}...bought a new scent {not at the john lewis price i hasten to add but for a third of that on ebay}...c cut the grass and i've picked daffodils to bring indoors...me and my mum have planned and cut and sewed and unpicked and sewed again {our latest quilt commission}...took part in a quiz and came third...

i also got quite into the whole julie myerson debate {having been an avid reader of all her books and columns for years} i felt compelled to watch/hear her be interviewed...with a protective instinct i admit...it also made me think about what i write and what i want to write here and i'm still unsure how i should balance creative projects with tales of my real days. even though i wanted to paint an honest picture of my life it's dawned on me lately that i have possibly been naive about this approach when the world and his dog can read every word {not including my very lovely furry readers harry + eugene + mr hound you understand!} so i am struggling a little with the edit lately...i hope spring gives me the lead as to what i should share in this space...let's see.

but back to now. well now i am ready to eat macaroni cheese and listen to c play this on his guitar. wishing you a good + sunshine filled weekend. x


  1. I have to say I think JM wasn't being a very good mother kicking her son out and then writing a book about it - with her income she could have sent him to re-hab or get some kind of help for him. Even getting him arrested would have been a lot more helpful then just kicking him out.... Apparently her own father abandoned her at a similar age.
    On a lighter note your lemon curd looks delicious.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    welcome back; who can say what they'd do in the circumstances but I think there are some things you shouldn't share with everybody, especially when the situation hasn't been resolved. Maybe Julie should spend more time talking to her son rather than writing about him. There, that's me being rather judgemental, sorry!! Save me some of that lemon curd for my breakfast toast please!!
    love M xx

  3. congrats dear kelly on your new title - you will make a perfect godmother.
    i also need to pull my blog socks up...sigh!
    oh and how i love lemon curd - something you cant get here. i must try and make it!!


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