24 April 2011


we have been eating the dangerous chocolate round here but couldn't leave a certain girl out of the easter feast...dairy~free shortbread. {must invest in a proper piping kit}

baked whilst listening to cath kidston's desert island discs. it was so nice to hear the voice behind all that we see {everywhere!} and although i am not a huge fan of the brand i really warmed to her as a person. definitely worth a listen.

23 April 2011


and so i just found myself hanging out the washing to dry at 8.30pm. not for the first time.

at least it'll be on the line come tomorrow morning. then i won't feel that i'm 10 hours behind a job but super~organised instead!

it has been such a glorious april here. today was especially warm...the kind of heat that makes you feel exhausted when you aren't doing anything. or that might just be the very unsettled night we all had sleep~wise? whatever...slipping out as it was about to turn dark...barefoot on the now~cool lawn was a lovely treat. just like noticing the glow of the garden.

14 April 2011


it's all about words at our place these days

current favourites

"hello cat" ~ translates ~ bosco prepare to be kissed!
"creeeam" ~ emolient elsa ~ her moisturising regime is second to none
"cuddle cuddle" ~ we feel the luckiest people on her planet

photo is of our newish blackboard door
...it is getting lots of chalk action...
today we played name that picture
{these are all words that elsa can + does say now}
...tomorrow it'll be a wipe clean and scribble day...

{so happy with the precious decal by shanna}