23 March 2012


a gift.

this week i got to hear her voice again. narrating each page. and until i started taking in her words i don't think i'd begun to understand how much i miss my grandma. she has made me laugh and cry as i dipped in to her simple observations and comments on the subjects that she loved. family. food. fashion. food!

how precious to be given the chance to make that connection again. last week my mum and her sisters sorted through their parent's treasures and came across the holiday journals that she written. i can't wait to read more.

two of the diaries from 20 or so years ago when visiting my parents (with me and my brother) when they lived overseas. may i share a little extract?

We were invited to supper with Barbara and Clive next door. It was wonderful. All their best china and glasses and cutlery laid outside with coloured lights and French music. The meal was super. Tiny quail with game chips - mixed casserole with everything imaginable in - lots of veg - crispy bread - then a cake with lemon sauce - French cheese with bread - coffee and mints.

my grandma absolutely loved her food. i'd say about 80% of the writing is culinary themed! it makes me smile...we always talked so much about eating.

1st image taken from mary's diary...her handwriting was always so considered and neat.
2nd image...grandma holding me close in the garden behind her bungalow...probably around elsa's age.

22 March 2012


of springtime.

welcoming you with open arms. i so hope that the season carries on as it began...wonderful fresh sunny days here. i have spent so much time out in the garden this week and it is a true tonic. i almost forgot how good it is just to be a couple of steps from the carpet of the house.

a couple of today's simple joys...

strong coffee sat on the decking. watching elsa lay next to bosco on a blanket (she calls him "little darling"...he has to be one of the most patient cat companions i've seen.)

listening to the archers through the open window from the kitchen whilst edging the lawn (that probably makes me sound very old. i don't care. it was brilliant.)

picking the teeniest of flowers with elsa. probably some sort of weeds but so pretty! we made a posy for a fairy but then decided it would make a wonderful headpiece for elephant...seeking inspiration for an upcoming wedding. me too.

all the fresh air and i am happily weary this evening. leftover barbeque supper from last night...no dishes!

shari is sharing some lovely spring manifestos. i am really enjoying the series so far. must be time to note some of my own.

07 March 2012


the very lovely kerry surprised me with a sweet message today...and the gift of an award. a sunshine one and *blush* i accept it most gratefully. thank you kerry! wow i really am rubbish at speeches.

i like the q+a that she has tagged me to do.
here goes...

favourite colour? - has to be green. so many shades but especially that old style powdery one or of course my namesake (kelly)
favourite animal? - cats are cool. i love our bosco but he is a bit too cool (not a lap cat)
favourite non-alcoholic drink? - (hot) a really good coffee or (cold) still water...how wild am i? 
facebook or twitter? - fb because i just haven't got the hang of the #thing as you'll know if you follow me
favourite number? - 3. it's magic
favourite day of the week? - friday
my passions? - i love hunting for treasures in charity shops (which i don't have much time to do these days) and any day that involves *good music-homemade food-fabric creations-taking photos* and my little family too ticks all the boxes on my happy list.
getting or giving presents? - i'll jump in and say giving (i especially love wrapping presents too) but a surprise gift is always a joy isn't it (can't lie)
favourite pattern? - stripes
favourite flower? - lilacs
and a rule follower i hereby pass on the sunshine to 5 other bloggers (some new and old favourites)
looking forward to reading your answers!

03 March 2012


(i think there was a bit of cream on the camera lens)

but here are a stack of envelopes i've cut and made from a couple of atlases. 120...sliced...stuck...sewn...and i actually think my geography has improved!

now to the invitations themselves. show and tell tomorrow.

happy saturday. we are off to an 80s party! i am channelling molly ringwald and typing with neon pink nails in the hope they'll dry faster. it is quite scary how easily an outfit can come together once you've purchased an extra wide white vinyl pleated belt...

01 March 2012


to come back.

 a little hibernation was required round here. but thanks for the messages through the winter. hi!

i felt the joy of spring outside today. march has brought us gentle sunshine and that mild air that spins a bit of hope and excitement around your shoulders.

and it made me want to blog. a kind of part II to no no no...see how i employ a little measure of bribery on photoshoots in 2012?!

lots has happened since i last wrote. we have a two year old now! close to beating the dairy allergy (really close but not quite at the green light yet).

i am bursting with inspiration...nice paper projects on the go and lots of little person clothes to make for the new season. but for now we are off to top up on vitamin d...