03 March 2012


(i think there was a bit of cream on the camera lens)

but here are a stack of envelopes i've cut and made from a couple of atlases. 120...sliced...stuck...sewn...and i actually think my geography has improved!

now to the invitations themselves. show and tell tomorrow.

happy saturday. we are off to an 80s party! i am channelling molly ringwald and typing with neon pink nails in the hope they'll dry faster. it is quite scary how easily an outfit can come together once you've purchased an extra wide white vinyl pleated belt...


  1. I adore these envelopes. They're beautiful, what a lovely idea.

  2. these are divine! and I loved that you got some 'study' in while you were crafting x

  3. Gorgeous envelopes :) Love the stitching on them! Don't think my geography improved any when we did ours though! ;)

  4. Lovely envelopes + neon nails sound fab, too! I always was jealous of Molly Ringwald as she had Andrew McCarthy!


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