07 March 2012


the very lovely kerry surprised me with a sweet message today...and the gift of an award. a sunshine one and *blush* i accept it most gratefully. thank you kerry! wow i really am rubbish at speeches.

i like the q+a that she has tagged me to do.
here goes...

favourite colour? - has to be green. so many shades but especially that old style powdery one or of course my namesake (kelly)
favourite animal? - cats are cool. i love our bosco but he is a bit too cool (not a lap cat)
favourite non-alcoholic drink? - (hot) a really good coffee or (cold) still water...how wild am i? 
facebook or twitter? - fb because i just haven't got the hang of the #thing as you'll know if you follow me
favourite number? - 3. it's magic
favourite day of the week? - friday
my passions? - i love hunting for treasures in charity shops (which i don't have much time to do these days) and any day that involves *good music-homemade food-fabric creations-taking photos* and my little family too ticks all the boxes on my happy list.
getting or giving presents? - i'll jump in and say giving (i especially love wrapping presents too) but a surprise gift is always a joy isn't it (can't lie)
favourite pattern? - stripes
favourite flower? - lilacs
and a rule follower i hereby pass on the sunshine to 5 other bloggers (some new and old favourites)
looking forward to reading your answers!


  1. How lovely to receive this from you. Sunshine is always welcome in my life. I will be sure to post this and answer a few questions - not done anything like this for a while. And I'll read the others as I do like to know a little about fellow bloggers. Have a happy day.

  2. Thank you so much for the award! So very nice of you :) Laughing at your cat being too cool to be a lap cat... and yup, still water is pretty wild ;)

  3. hello lovely. finally an answer.. sunshine is always welcome :)

    how are you? where has the time gone indeed!! i hope you all are well and looking forward to springtime.
    lots of love xxx


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