31 August 2009


our last day of august has been a sunny one. it's a holiday monday here and c and i have enjoyed a morning of wandering out and about. stopping for a coffee and pain au choc and people watching in cambridge. when we got home the barbecue called to us and we made food that tasted like the last of the summer hoildays...couscous with apricots and pine kernels...roasted pointy peppers...bread and houmous.

also our favourite olives. adapted from a recipe by tessa kiros
(find it in this charming book)

a 340g (ish) jar of whole green olives in brine
(drained and rinsed in water)
the juice of half an unwaxed lemon
(slice the other half and mix with the olives)
a good glug of e.v. olive oil
2 tsp of crushed coriander seeds
half a clove of minced garlic

mix everything together...the olives taste even better when left a day too. my favourite thing is eating the lemon slices which soften beautifully. i absoultely love anything lemony!

we watched vicky cristina barcelona last night. i think rebecca hall is lovely...she's popping up in lots of films these days. oh and the soundtrack is the perfect background music to this kind of food!

(p.s. the gorgeous flower print in the background is the inner cover from the book)

21 August 2009


today our jam cupboard is stocked once more...thanks to my grandad and his plum tree...and my dad who picked them...and the thermometer that ciaran bought me. i can not trust my own judgement on setting points proven by a rather sad batch of what i can only describe as blackberry toffee made in my kitchen a few years back!

i have sampled several spoonfuls...in fact i have had to make myself step away from the jars! it's deliciously tart and will be enjoyed in yoghurt and on toast in our house. just fruit. a little water. and sugar. i don't use sugar with added pectin...i know some recipes suggest it but i like the fruit to do it's own thing. how do you make yours?

pots for loved ones will be delivered over the weekend.

19 August 2009


on the hottest day for a long time me and bosco are taking refuge indoors in the shade. a second breakfast of ciabatta and marmalade was enjoyed outside (under parasol) before it got too much. we are now enjoying some coolness and a bit of a wander on the internet.

here's the wednesday link list...

listening and doing a bit of a march to stellify (definitely word of the week) mr brown you look a bit older but you are still a favourite in this house

a new favourite handmaker...i can't quite remember how i stumbled on anna alicia's work but i have fallen in love with her felt brooches. london based and here on etsy...she also makes pieces specifically for weddings. gorgeous.

imagining the happiness of a collection of pencil crayons like this!

and last of all...has anyone bought the sartorialist book yet? should i get it?

easing into a bit of creativity today with a little vase mat.

12 August 2009


toast has gone and made me
think of boots and tights
and roll necks

clever folks
naughty though
i can't get scarves off my mind

07 August 2009


i'm joining in shari's little project today
these are for my friend mary Xx

03 August 2009


a cup of milk for me before bed and a list

how lovely this new book of evenings is available for pre-order now
looking at a pretty girl on a postcard from a recent visit to manchester art gallery
thinking i'm going to make some more coasters this week for birthday gifts
birds to make you smile (trying to chose a print to buy from this fantastic etsy seller)
we watched this last night and it was quite something

pyjamas are calling. hope you've had a good start to the week in your neck of the woods Xx