21 August 2009


today our jam cupboard is stocked once more...thanks to my grandad and his plum tree...and my dad who picked them...and the thermometer that ciaran bought me. i can not trust my own judgement on setting points proven by a rather sad batch of what i can only describe as blackberry toffee made in my kitchen a few years back!

i have sampled several spoonfuls...in fact i have had to make myself step away from the jars! it's deliciously tart and will be enjoyed in yoghurt and on toast in our house. just fruit. a little water. and sugar. i don't use sugar with added pectin...i know some recipes suggest it but i like the fruit to do it's own thing. how do you make yours?

pots for loved ones will be delivered over the weekend.


  1. What a clever girl you are.
    I have only ever made jam once and although a success it lasted about a week as Nigel and my mother ate it all!
    Nice font detail as well;-)

  2. What a fabulous colour, what sort of plums are they?

  3. Hi darling,

    that looks scrumtious; a rich autumnal colour and much anticipated by this, i hope, loved one!!

    love m xx

  4. mmmm, they look delish!! we made brownies yesterday with cherry jam swirled in.

    i have never tried to make my own jam.. x

  5. Ooow yum, plum jar one of my favourites, I'll be round with a spoon lol

    Catherine x

  6. Those jam pots look gorgeous. Funnily enough I tried jamming for the first time today and to be honest I think it has been a total flop. I was trying a simple blackberry jelly - but its just not set at all. The recipe said you dont need any extra pectin because the blackberries have enough in them. I dont know where I went wrong.


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