31 July 2012

Round 'Em Up

nearly time to turn over another calendar page. my blog neglected once again but my july has been a busy one. the veggie patch has had much sun and rain. the girl has had fun. and been poorly. and cheeky as anything. canoes have been paddled and croissants consumed. i am really looking forward to august. we have lots going on as a family and i have lots of lovely creative projects to keep working on. another skirt in the shop today and more cut out ready to stitch.

13 July 2012

Art Skirt

one skirt for my girl and one in the shop this weekend.
age 2-3.
i like these...soft  and reversable. and elsa does too...good to twirl in.
all upcycled fabrics. put to new use for play time.

hope you have a lovely weekend. what are you up to?
i am about to make biscotti to see us through lots of hot cuppas and more rainy days...
looking forward to rachel khoo in the sunday paper.

12 July 2012

Quilt Weather

ha! i am thinking of using my blog posts as a way of turning the season to my liking...for today the sun is shining and it is indeed sandals weather. (clarks originals for me again this year...4 summers and still going strong but i think a saltwater order will be my next choice for 2013...money and work permitting!)

this is a two days in may creation...joint projects that i work on with my lovely mum.

a commission for a brand new person coming along in august...how exciting to be a month away from meeting your baby boy! i have felt really happy working on this. sitting and handstitching last night it felt very cosy on my lap. thinking back to when i had a 36 week bump. i really did love being pregnant.

and to think that bump turned in to a cheeky monkey who now sits behind me in the car giving me orders...
"i want zutons mummy...make it more loud!"

10 July 2012

A Doodle Of Coincidence

listening to the rain bucket down tonight. and painting again. my new (old) favourite thing.

funny...no spooky that this pic was taken on my phone a year ago today when i checked the details to note in my sketch book. elsa wearing one of my baby dresses (circa 1970s). and those sandals that i adored on her teeny feet all last summer. so buttery soft. some things i just can't part with.

jenny...thank you! i would love to work on some pictures for you. promise an email to arrange it this week xXx

05 July 2012

Birthdays Big and Small

two friends celebrate today.
elsa's pal maya and my pal nic.
happy times that i can sit and paint and make little cards for them.
i have actually cleared my desk and to be sat there with an egg cup of water with brush in hand and messy watercolour tin neatly at my reach...a joy.

03 July 2012

Slow Tuesday

not a lot to say today. it is a bit grey. runny noses and rain. some dressing up and doodling.

we were up bright and early at 4.50am but now fading a bit.
strong coffee and sweet honey have been fueling my day.
and simply pottering. with a side helping of stuart little 2...twice. elsa is obsessed with the baby called martha...hardly the star of the show but her favourite. maybe it's the ringlets?

i am still enjoying painting some of elsa's outfits. she has had some lovely clothes and i think it would be a nice project to illustrate my/her favourites so if they get packed away or handed on i still have a token to remember them by. i keep a few things hanging on the walls in our house actually like the frock above.

my dream is to start up a collection of illustrations and perhaps see if anyone else would like some?
boys too : )

in other news...
our dill has pretty flowers that would make quite a lampshade! caffeine hallucinations...