12 July 2012

Quilt Weather

ha! i am thinking of using my blog posts as a way of turning the season to my liking...for today the sun is shining and it is indeed sandals weather. (clarks originals for me again this year...4 summers and still going strong but i think a saltwater order will be my next choice for 2013...money and work permitting!)

this is a two days in may creation...joint projects that i work on with my lovely mum.

a commission for a brand new person coming along in august...how exciting to be a month away from meeting your baby boy! i have felt really happy working on this. sitting and handstitching last night it felt very cosy on my lap. thinking back to when i had a 36 week bump. i really did love being pregnant.

and to think that bump turned in to a cheeky monkey who now sits behind me in the car giving me orders...
"i want zutons mummy...make it more loud!"

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  1. Eeeeeeeeek, it looks lovely, she.....and little he, are going to love it xxxxxxxxxx


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