29 May 2012

In It To Win It

if you fancy a wee gift dropping through your letterbox please take a moment to leave a comment with a hands up today or tomorrow.

i have restocked my etsy shop with some vintage button magnet sets...more to come along with other little things that are good to give as presents or to keep for oneself. it feels nice to be making and packaging up pretty things again. and i have so many beautiful old buttons it is quite hard to stop!

this red white and blue set will make it's way to the winner on friday 1st june so be sure to enter by thursday 31st may midnight my time. anywhere in the world folks so don't be shy.

we have plans to do lots over the jubilee weekend here. parties and fetes and dressing up...how about you?

25 May 2012

friday things

it is all about yellow today.
call it an ode to le soleil.

some creative bits to shout out...button magnets should be ready on the cyber shelves next week.
wee buns have been scoffed between gardening tasks.
***2 year old picking newly planted marigolds alert***
i am practising my cross voice. serious face.

cards of appreciation off to the botanic gardens warden of the year and the dear mr + mrs p who collected monsieur bay and posted him home. good people.

lemon curd made and potted to take up north in the morning. we are wilmslow bound to see old friends and meet new little ones...18 month old twins and a 3 year old...elsa is going to have a pretty swell weekend i reckon.

22 May 2012

Soft Toy Sweetheart


so the love story started back in january 2010. newborn girl meets bunny (from auntie lynsey).
baby falls big time for bay. the two go everywhere together.

fast forward and said soft toy is looking a little less fluffy but is still number one.
her holy trinity = milk + bay + dummy.
a few travels and moments when he went walkabout. always to be found not too far away.

until this weekend when he took a sleepover at cambridge botanical gardens. totally unauthorised.
wow we are all lucky that someone handed him in to lost property. less than 48 hours and he is home again and phew we are all happy we got a happy ending. see them reunited here.

and we are only at year two. i am starting to fear more of these moments!
i just hope he makes it through to the stage when they kind of fall apart and end up just an ear.
i hear people buy duplicates...but small folk aren't fools.

btw i'm back (again)
stay tuned. please!

p.s. said gardens are amazing! we will definitely return soon with bay on a piece of elastic.