29 May 2012

In It To Win It

if you fancy a wee gift dropping through your letterbox please take a moment to leave a comment with a hands up today or tomorrow.

i have restocked my etsy shop with some vintage button magnet sets...more to come along with other little things that are good to give as presents or to keep for oneself. it feels nice to be making and packaging up pretty things again. and i have so many beautiful old buttons it is quite hard to stop!

this red white and blue set will make it's way to the winner on friday 1st june so be sure to enter by thursday 31st may midnight my time. anywhere in the world folks so don't be shy.

we have plans to do lots over the jubilee weekend here. parties and fetes and dressing up...how about you?


  1. So cute, what a great idea - would love these on my fridge!

    Not much Jubilee celebrations here I'm afraid. I've got two uni projects to hand in next thursday and so it's mostly working for me this weekend!

    Jess x

  2. hi kelly hope you & elsa are all well! loving your button magnets & your packaging detail is just lovely :)) *fingers crossed* han x

  3. Anonymous30.5.12

    So charming !
    I 'm happy to read you again, I like your style so much.
    This week-end I would like to cook, prepare some jam with the fruits I have (lot of rhubarb), a pie ... ; and of course watch tv on Sunday, here in France, and appreciate the Jubilee with husband and kids.
    When I was a very little girl, about 3, I spent a long time in London, my father visited Vidal Sassoon's school and worked there, It was a Jubilee just this summer, so great souvenirs ...
    Have a very nice Week-End !
    ps : I'll send you my email via your mailbox.

  4. These are delightful! I would so love to win them!

    Over here in the U.S., this weekend was when we observed Memorial Day. We did visit the cemetery for a very nice program honoring the Veterans who have given their lives for our freedom. And then family came over for a great al fresco dinner. And watching the children play in the sprinkler. And having a bonfire in the evening so we could eat S'mores. I think Memorial Day signifies the beginning of summer here! It definitely feels like summer now!

  5. Oh so festive! Have followed for a while without a comment, but these charming buttons made me do it... We have a village jubilee celebration with a best dressed wheelbarrow competition. I'm thinking metal wheelbarrow... jubilee magnets...!

  6. These are beautiful Kelly!

    We are dusting off our flags and heading to the street party here in Cookham, via the school jubilee party today and the nursery jubilee tea party tomorrow :) It's just one long red, white and blue party!


  7. It's the last day of May!

    Happy happy birthday my darling Kelly.

    Hope to see you soon

    Much love

  8. Happy birthday indeed, I have just realised the same......Oh and my hands are both most definitely in the air for your lovely buttons. Have a super duper weekend lovely friend xxx


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