24 June 2009


the sunshine has lead me astray...not much time for words these days...just time to report that the first raspberry has been spotted then savoured on the spot. it's a race with the birds but i got the prize today. i must say that they are my very favourite berry...should i confess to this in the midst of strawberry season? no apologies...i'm just not that fussed on them. anyway raspberries go so much better with chocolate so that's the winning match for me.

so i'm off now to dream up ideas for a wedding headpiece. but first must come the outfit! two weeks to go so i'd better get looking...but who wants to go shopping though when there's tennis to watch and roses to be picked in the garden?

09 June 2009


i'm back into making mode and about time too!

chambray ciel :: school navy
cherry pop :: summer cotton