15 June 2013


elsa...you tinker!joyful times taking your photo for a father's day gift. like we did last year.
but i really can't believe just how much you have changed in 12 months.
even more crazy beautiful and so full of character.

"a portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
linking up with jodi (and many others) for this project.

my favourite 23/52 was little icon lily! such a great pose captured.

having tried to update this post with the addition of the photo i doodled on and framed for elsa's daddy i seemed to go and loose the whole thing. grrrr...please forgive all the funny blogger spacing. i just can't seem to fix it!

but hey. happy father's day. ice cream is on the menu here!


  1. oh this is spectacular! love the light and the sweet outfit. It really brings out her sweet expression and the happy glint in her eyes! xxoo

    1. thank so much Rebecca! i'm glad i caught her glint ;) we have a lot of fun making eyes at each other every day. hers are so expressive i hope they'll always be that way.
      it's actually a really old blouse of mine that sits in my fabric stash gradually being cut up for projects. i think i'll draw a little tie doodle on each pic so she looks even more like her daddy. xXx

  2. Your babes eyes are stunning, so expressive. And that outfit! Is it wrong to be envious of a toddlers outfit? x x

    1. thank you for your lovely comment! she was lucky to inherit her father's eyes and long lashes :) xx

  3. She's just such a darling! x


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