24 May 2011


today anyway
(inspired by and indebted to miss p)

wearing print makes me happy.

so do painted nails. even if they need re-doing 3 days later.

reading big books is something i just seem to have fallen away from.
i remember enjoying this one so much. i remember i looked forward to my commute every day just to get stuck in to the pages. these days it seems i only dip in to magazines. instant gratification but nothing that works deep in to the heart and soul. i need to find that book to get me hooked again.

cherry yoghurts will always make me think of my grandad. i miss him.

someone is going to have to keep watering our sweet peas when we go on holiday next month. unless the weather here takes a very different direction. a road trip to ireland is beckoning and i'm excited!

finding a new toe tapper is like finding treasure. i have mr sexsmith on loop lately.

it's about time i found a print to go in this frame. any etsy pointers anyone?

every room should have a little bunting.

10 May 2011


this is a little box frame gift for our friends who got married in new york last month.

it's origins come from a hoarded elle deco article on marie-anne oudejans {she of beautiful design label tocca*} from waaay back. it must be ten years+ old. isn't the lighting lovely in her nyc apartment?

anyway the tear sheets lay redundant in folders and it seemed about time to re~visit the set. so right for romantic wedding paper cuts as the bride had peonies in her bouquet.

tear sheet image credits to elle deco :: photography alexia silvagni

*has anyone tried their scent? i am in the market for a summer fragrance. would love to hear your favourites*

06 May 2011


wow the weather is just so good here.

i find myself being a constant bore. trying not to say how fantastic it is about every half hour but not being able to help myself! stitching has been very much an evening job...and i've been enjoying working on a quilt for a new baby girl these past few weeks. the day job includes a lot of chasing about the garden now we have a toddling girl. playing who can race fastest to the bird bath most days.

wishing you a lovely weekend!