06 May 2011


wow the weather is just so good here.

i find myself being a constant bore. trying not to say how fantastic it is about every half hour but not being able to help myself! stitching has been very much an evening job...and i've been enjoying working on a quilt for a new baby girl these past few weeks. the day job includes a lot of chasing about the garden now we have a toddling girl. playing who can race fastest to the bird bath most days.

wishing you a lovely weekend!


  1. It's lovely down here too....although spending anymore than about 30 seconds in the garden results in a certain dog barking his bonce off....
    Quilt looks wonderful.

  2. the quilt looks lovely, my little O has decided that purple is her favourite colour!
    bless little E, she's not so little now, the problem i have is O only has two speeds, either very slow & stopping to look at what's on the ground every few seconds, or racing ahead, making me chase after her looking like a crazy lady! what fun,

  3. gorgeous quilt, as always! i'm with you on the chasing round the garden (or wherever we happen to be where's there's space to roam) :0)

    sorry not to see you today, hopefully catch up v soon. lots of love XxX


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