10 May 2011


this is a little box frame gift for our friends who got married in new york last month.

it's origins come from a hoarded elle deco article on marie-anne oudejans {she of beautiful design label tocca*} from waaay back. it must be ten years+ old. isn't the lighting lovely in her nyc apartment?

anyway the tear sheets lay redundant in folders and it seemed about time to re~visit the set. so right for romantic wedding paper cuts as the bride had peonies in her bouquet.

tear sheet image credits to elle deco :: photography alexia silvagni

*has anyone tried their scent? i am in the market for a summer fragrance. would love to hear your favourites*


  1. kelly I'm so excited about seeing you in sept at Nancy's wedding are you going?
    how amazing is that blue in your tear sheets? Enough to lift your spirits but also soothe x

  2. A lovely gift - pretty colour. I do remember this article from way back - I tear out and keep things like this for soooo long too. And I use to lust after Tocca's dresses back then too. Never tried the scent, but do tell if you try it out.

  3. hi kelly

    i cannot believe this but i have just finished something very similar this afternoon. i must post it so you can see it.

    everything you make is such perfection - lovely!



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