31 May 2009


today was a very good birthday.

truth be told i think it comes high in my top five...a high chart entry indeed when it ranks alongside the one where i not only had a strawberry shortcake birthday cake but also wore a strawberry print ra-ra dress and received a bean bag in the shape of a strawberry...all made by my clever mum. it was sunny that day too. i think i was seven.

and my mum didn't disappoint with this year's cake either. raspberry and chocolate. ciaran and me have just indulged in two helpings with an evening cuppa. life is good.

i woke up early and read my book before ciaran woke up. i didn't even need to open the curtains it was so bright. listening to the birds in conversation outside. opening cards in bed. a long catch up with my brother on the phone. lunch outdoors with warm shoulders and chatty people. hugs from my family. a surprise flower arrangement that i want to carry with me from room to room. (my very favourite peonies and a sweet william that has a special meaning...my dad took my mum a bunch wrapped in newspaper when i was born) and with two new cake stands too this birthday is nearing the number one spot!

i am a very lucky girl.

29 May 2009


it's time to return with a little makeover and a bit more spring in my step...thanks to the splendid sunshine here it's sandals ahoy and pale legs bared for the world to see! loving the simplicity of dressing in this weather...not loving those "what-no-socks?" blisters that my soft winter heels have endured as i dared to wear new shoes. no-back footwear is the only way forward for me i feel!

i often find myself in these cycles of blogging. i take a week off and then seem to step away from it all for a lot longer not knowing why and not knowing how to get back. but back i am and with things to share.

so for starters...a spot of friday baking and today's cupcake of choice is the hummingbird...courtesy of this recipe found through miss pickering (she of the red stained fingers!) i added a bit of cinnamon to mine and very nearly some grated carrot too just because i do love a vegetabley cake...i was very disciplined though and stuck with the original ingredients. (cooks note...for the cream cheese frosting i reduced the quantity of everything by a third which was plenty and as a bonus means a standard 200g sized tub of philly is perfect.)

and in other news...

the first rose in the garden has bloomed and i spy four fat pink peony buds too.

leya started up a new weekly flickr group called daily rituals

i launched a webite with my mum to showcase our stitching adventures...you can see a bit more of what we do over here. it took a good few weeks of my scribbles on paper and ummings and ahhings to be cleverly converted into html by ciaran. he who's patience was tried more than occasionally with many a diva-ish demand for colour changes and spacing issues on my part...and the poor boy got paid in baked goods only...ok with a good helping of love!

stories of painted furniture and chopped hair? stay tuned for the next episode...