29 October 2011


a weekend with a wedding. another cushion. a headpiece re-visted.
angry anderson entrance music!
and a first halloween party. our kitten was a little nervous but later found her tiger feet.
two late nights and sugar highs. don't forget the clocks go back.
where did october go?

12 October 2011


we got to spend this wednesday with very precious people.
uncle b and auntie s came a-visiting and brought gifts from greece.

elsa now has the most amazing pair of slippers to match their's!

i am naturally feeling jealous and have already sought out the minas website so i can get my feet cosy too and firmly in the slipper club.

07 October 2011


well hello october! 
one week in and our autumn is now back to itself again after a crazy hot start. just 5 days ago my little girl was splashing about in the paddling pool.

now it is tights weather. and i am pleased. time to pack away our summer clothes and get cosy. don't get me wrong it was brilliant to kick the leaves about in sandals and take a picnic amongst the conkers...but with a new season there is something so very nice about different food-clothes-living.

i am knitting scarves for elsa. i am very much a novice with the needles and with a brain that doesn't seem to be able to compute patterns...knit and purl are about my limit. they are also nice and quick and should last her a few years! but is it wrong to think i may be able to convince my husband that he'll look good in a 4 ply tie for christmas?

i plan to sport a knitted headband about the village.

pom-pom making is also a go-go.

are you getting geared up for porridge and soup and stews? have you donned your uggs and lit the stove yet? what a lovely time of year this is. i feel very inspired and glad to be back blogging.

thank you so much sweet kerry...who has helped me by juggling and clearing up my space here. you are a star! a few more corners to dust down but it is a good place to be again.

ok. off to lay the fire and get ready for a weekend of rugby-pancakes-sparkles.
hope you have a nice one too.