31 March 2010


so another month bites the dust.

i can't quite fathom just where it went. days for me seem to blend in to each other right now. i was beginning to enjoy the early morning wake-ups with elsa...believe it or not 5.30am was quite bearable watching the sun rise with the first feed of the day. but changing the clocks has put us back to a dark start which still feels like night time...sigh...not much longer though and i am hoping that she'll sleep in a little later or failing that i know that as april rolls on it will get lighter so it's a win win.

a bit of a refresh here for a new season. next i feel the need for a spring manifesto.

23 March 2010


just keeps on growing!

our new nephew charlie was born on march 21st : )

19 March 2010


i'm sure i've posted here before about this company and their lovely clothes designed and made in northumberland. but the collection of childrenswear always has me all a flutter so i am revisiting...and wishing that a lot of it came in adult sizes too. that said i don't think i'd be brave enough to sport primrose hotpants...but how gorgeous do they look with tights and wellies on a little person? every detail has me really inspired in terms of clothes i know i'll like for elsa when she's bigger...denim:cord:calico:cotton lace:velvet:tiny prints:picot trims...kitten jackets and yum yum dresses and scholar smocks...sigh. surely she won't have other plans in store to become a pink princess?? we have lots of time to wait and see and enjoy her in babygros until she reveals her taste in outfits!

18 March 2010


as i sew little patchwork pieces for another baby quilt i ask myself do i actually like the scent of narcissi?

12 March 2010


{born on tuesday}

i am still trying to work out if he is my second cousin or cousin once removed? whatever...he is gorgeous and will be a sweet friend for our elsa. we are off to meet him on monday armed with gifts in exchange for cuddles.

there is quite a baby boom going on around me right now with lots of new additions for friends and family. getting around to making cards and presents has been quite a challenge as a new mummy. at last though i feel i'm making a bit of progress and i can tell you it feels really great to be getting back into a creative groove again. i've adapted the horoscope card this time and i like the direction it's taken.

so with my girl bouncing in her chair beside me i am now going to spend an hour with fabric and scissors...unless of course she has other plans?!

09 March 2010


we all love a bit of v&a don't we?

then how's about some v&a quilting fabrics??

it's been quite a while since i stepped through their doors but i always like a visit to their website and they have these lovely fabric prints for sale as fat quarters or by the half or full metre along with other nice ones to celebrate their new quilt exhibition starting on 20 march.

{i think they could make for some very cute baby bloomers come the sunny summer months}

i am tempted to jump on the train with elsa strapped to my chest but that would be just way too brave right now! if you go do tell me about it...for now i shall just praise the internet for allowing me a way to shop these days!

01 March 2010


i spied spring today.

hello march. hello monday. hello sunshine.

what could be better than a stroll out with my girl? we heard woodpeckers. needed sunglasses. waved to grandpa flying overhead. spotted new buds and at last got to thinking that the cold cold winter might just be behind us.

and then back to our messy house with daffodils in the kitchen. a cup of earl grey and several mini eggs. not quite ready for the spring clean yet...just getting the bed made seems enough for now before supper!