26 October 2009


yesterday a couple very dear to me welcomed their baby girl into the world! i am so happy for them and can't wait to meet their special little bundle...as yet to be named.

but i do know she's a scorpio. and here's the wee card i sent off to them today along with a gift which i'll post about later after it {fingers crossed royal mail} arrives.

i love making these horoscope cards. i first saw the idea years ago in the spring 2002 martha stewart baby magazine...i managed to acquire all {but too few...in my opinion...copies} of the sweet issues and although i am currently on a mammoth magazine cull in our house i can not bear to part with them. the birth announcements featured in the article actually use a punch to cut out the little constellations but i like to add sparkles for the stars.

and for another adorable arrival...how wonderful to hear the news that baby hili is here...congratulations julie!


  1. Such a beautiful card, soon it'll be your turn! So happy for you...

  2. What a lovely idea! Those cards look so sweet. I think i might do something like that too for one of my preggy friends. Thanks for sharing!


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