17 October 2009


the search is over. aided by a trusty investigator i now know where to get tinned pumpkin!

found by lynn here...and lots of other brightly packaged things that i'm sure i must need. and then a bit closer to home and cheaper here at waitrose.

i now see these pancakes featuring in our future october breakfasts. and maybe a decadent (decaff) coffee.

in other saturday news...i am braving the "junk room" aka the spare room and if i can come out the other side of the mess {without any injuries caused by falling towers of old magazines} i shall light candles for diwali tonight and sit in the glowy darkness watching sparkly dancing on the tv.


  1. Oh thank you for that. I have also wondered where I can get that from. Now I can make pumpkin pie!

  2. I did look on the Ocardo website but couldn't find it. I shall look for it at Waitrose next week.

  3. I love pumpkin, I recently bought a box of Covent Garden pumpkin soup, it's delicious!


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