16 October 2009


{feet up image from a/w 2004 jigsaw catalogue}

thank you.

your lovely comments gave me a lift this week and a reminder of the warmth and friendship that i've found in this space that seems so small to me and yet so very big when i look at where each visitor hails from. i know i have a very special new focus in my life but if i can keep creative and make a little journal post here and there i think i'll be getting the balance in some way.

and so it's friday. another week whizzes past and each day i'm noticing the change in the light and closing the curtains a moment earlier. it's hard to believe that the clocks will change in another seven days and by then i will have left my job and started my new one as full time homemaker. i am really looking forward to trying to bring a bit of order to each room in our nest...and as a messy person believe me it is going to mean a bit of overtime!

today i've baked and listened to radio four. berkley buns {as seen in the gigibird kitchen} and the archers to be precise. i recommend both highly...very english country living! any recipe that involves mixed spice and ginger has me at the ingredients list. i still have plans for tinned pumpkin too {once i find some} and have a lot of bookmarks for amazing looking treats found on websites across the pond. pumpkin and hazelnut clafoutis anyone?

tonight i'm going to bake butternut squash in a nigel slater stylee. i've enjoyed his tv series {which you can watch again in uk} not because i feel particularly enlightened by anything he has made but just in the gentle way he has made me remember what to cook for supper. i was getting into a dangerous game of mashed-potato-again-tonight-dear...not such a bad thing for an irishman...but felt i'd lost the way a bit with our home food.

a plated-up photo no doubt will follow later...a post just isn't a post without a visual!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for popping over, you're always welcome! I have a habit of posting about things that I can't afford but I do like to dream!

    Such an exciting time for you, lovely to 'meet' you and I hope you'll not mind me popping over to see how you're getting on.
    How lovely to have those blankets for your little one x

    Lovely post btw!
    Sarah x

  2. You can't go wrong with listening to The Archers and baking a cake or two. My idea of heaven on a Sunday morning.

  3. Love that image and the colours...


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