14 October 2009


the truth of the matter is that i just can't seem to blog lately. pretty obvious if you stop by here with any frequency. so this is hardly a comeback post...more of an i'm not sure why i can't post kind of post.

and as much as i delighted in the arrival of october and all things autumnal i'm not embracing it in quite the way i'd hoped. inspiration seems to be all around me...tapping me on the shoulder...but i just can't grab a hold and go with it. and sometimes it worries me...i could do with getting into first gear folks!

i have been reading blogs and books and magazines and almost feeling overwhelmed with all the good things out there. then i start to write up a post and i feel weirdly self-conscious...what's that all about? see...i'm on the verge of deleting this one because who wants to read about my doubts? but i suppose the reason i'm going with this one is it's really for me to be able to draw a kind of virtual line under them.

and more important than any niggles tonight is that i am managing to grow our little baby with success...and that keeps me more than very happy. especially as i can play the kick me over here now game! just one week left in my job at the post office and then i'll be home full time...and that may just be the green light i'm waiting on to move forward.


  1. A really thoughtful and lovely post to read. Glad you stuck with it and wrote how you feel.

    Your baby bump looks great. How lovely to know you can really rest and look after yourself from next week.

    Best wishes

    Lisa x

  2. there you are! i wondered where you were hiding :0)
    completely understand about the blogging block especially when all around there's so many clever bloggers out there doing wonderful things.
    a very honest post i thought & such a cute snap of u & little bump :0) happy 24 weeks!

    i'm sure your creative juices come back to life very soon.
    glad you're back x

  3. Kelly be kind to yourself.
    Seriously Don't worry about writing posts when you have a nest to make.

    Love your bump....and I notice a nice pair of boobs!

    I would also just say I have never read a dull post from you so don't doubt yourself. You’re GREAT.

  4. i am thrilled for you! such a cute photo. i am having a blogging block too. try to just enjoy yourself and the autumn season. hugs!

  5. I say never mind the blogging, savour your growing bump/belly! Yours words are thoughtful and gentle, and that's just where you are right now.

    Be kind to yourself, and enjoy this time for what it brings.

  6. How did it get to be 24 weeks? Time is flying.

    Yours is the most elegant, and serene blog i read. You will be unblocked, and we will all wait patiently.

  7. Oh my goodness you're looking gorgeous Kelly!!

    Frankly, there is only one thing that matters right now - so everything else can wait and all the people who read your lovely musings here are just happy and delighted to do so WHENEVER you have time/energy/inclination to make a post...

    ...everyone is right. Be kind to yourself and just enjoy this time. You SO deserve it... xo to you et bump.

  8. you look great, almost makes me miss my baby bump(S)

  9. How exciting, and how adorable is your bump and outfit? This is absolutely the greatest news and most important thing for you and your family, so enjoy it and everything else comes as secondary?! :)

  10. Oh, I love that little bump. You're growing your own punkin this Halloween!

    Just focus on that, and you will be happy. There really is no greater joy!


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