22 June 2013


elsa...our peonies are practically the size of your head! almost collapsing under the summer rain.
so how could i refuse your request to pick a few this morning?

(i am quite blown away that we are at the half way point of this project. how about you?)

"a portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
linking up with jodi (and many others) for this project.

i really loved these stripey portraits from last week. i am at that point too of catching a glimpse in to the future on occasion of my girl as a grown up...it seems to only happen in the snapshot second that a camera can capture...a little bit heartbreaking all the same!


  1. Hi Kelly
    Just to let you know you won the Mollie Makes book giveaway on my blog! Congratulations! Can you message me your address please and I will get it off to you! Kirsty

  2. oh just gorgeous!!!! x

  3. Wow! What beautiful blue eyes! And those peonies...bursting with color!

    1. oh thank you jessica :) just lately me and my husband have been thinking that elsa's eyes were becoming a bit more greeny (like ours) but no way. the light was so lovely outside today and shows them true blue. x

  4. Those flowers are gigantic! Just love that first photo, those eyes are stunning!

  5. Oh my! Are they real peonies!!! Oh I would love to grow these!


  6. Oh my! Your daughter is just gorgeous, and I thought those peonies were fake they're so perfect! Thanks for visiting my little space a few weeks ago, it's so lovely to 'meet' new people. x


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