31 March 2010


so another month bites the dust.

i can't quite fathom just where it went. days for me seem to blend in to each other right now. i was beginning to enjoy the early morning wake-ups with elsa...believe it or not 5.30am was quite bearable watching the sun rise with the first feed of the day. but changing the clocks has put us back to a dark start which still feels like night time...sigh...not much longer though and i am hoping that she'll sleep in a little later or failing that i know that as april rolls on it will get lighter so it's a win win.

a bit of a refresh here for a new season. next i feel the need for a spring manifesto.


  1. How have we got to April?
    It is biterly cold here.
    Keep warm and cosy for a little while longer.

  2. hiya kelly,
    loving the pics on your viewfinder along with the fresh new colours on your spring blog :0) x

  3. oh yes. looking forward to your manifesto. where did march go?

  4. A very happy Easter to you and the family!


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