01 April 2010


little april showers on the way
{and how lovely does that sound in french?}
clap clip clap, petite pluie l'avril
tombe du ciel en jolis diamants
clap clip clap, petite pluie d'avril
ta mélodie est un enchantement

so as i often find myself getting sidetracked...this post is actually about money boxes. the one in the photo is my own. {bought for me by my paternal grandma} it has only really just come back in to my hands after sitting on a shelf in my parents home for years. funny how a gift given so long ago {30+ years} is perhaps only just being really appreciated...and how i would love to be able to actually tell my grandma brenda how happy it makes me to own it now.

and now we find ourselves looking for a money box for our girl. i do believe she has £11 pocket money already : ) and it sits in a little pile in her nursery. her daddy naughtily borrows from it to pay for his football club and then sneaks it back. i am on a mission to find something to fit colourwise with her room...or maybe just plain white. i may try and hunt down another one by the same craftsman to match...i think he made some owls too?

my rye pottery rabbit is by david sharp. i wish i knew where she bought it from. as a child it never occurred to me to wonder who had made it but now with the power of google it's a joy to learn about the artist...what an amazing tool we have at our fingertips. magic. my grandma would really have thought it was magic.


  1. Beautiful, and such a great thing to pass on to your little one. I think the same thing all the time , when I look at old tresures I have from my mom or grandma "why didnt i ask where it came from". Aww, to be a kid and know what you know now. ha ha

  2. I just bought a little owl moneybox at a charity shop - it's collecting all my spare change too.

  3. ahh drip drip drop little april showers! love that song! reminds me of bambi!

    we used to get our house plaques painted by david sharp/rye pottery when we lived in the south. lovely little shop in rye. small world :0)

    han x


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