01 March 2010


i spied spring today.

hello march. hello monday. hello sunshine.

what could be better than a stroll out with my girl? we heard woodpeckers. needed sunglasses. waved to grandpa flying overhead. spotted new buds and at last got to thinking that the cold cold winter might just be behind us.

and then back to our messy house with daffodils in the kitchen. a cup of earl grey and several mini eggs. not quite ready for the spring clean yet...just getting the bed made seems enough for now before supper!


  1. After all that awful rain at the weekend some sun - glad you both got some fresh air....chocolate eggs already??
    Lovely snowdrops- on my list of plant wants.

  2. life is as it should be at the moment for you - the housework can wait.
    glad you enjoyed your walk and he eggs

  3. It seems like everyone in blogland had Springtime on there mind today!

    Have not visited your blog for a while and was surprised to see Elsa appear, she is lovely!

    Vanessa x

  4. woke up to glorious sunshine again this morning! seems like the birds out in the garden have all come to loudly proclaim - spring is here!
    i'm doing my very best to be full of the joys of spring but i also woke up full of cold! achoo! achoo! :0( the daffs sitting beside me are doing a grand job of making me feel a little better :0) han x
    {i'm not quite with it, i blame the cold, this is the second time i've written this goodness knows where the first attempt went off to hehe} i'm off for a strong cup of lemsip! ;0)

  5. and the sunshine continues today
    Such joy.
    Are those eggs of the mini variety? They look stunning.
    xxxx for you both.

  6. Lovely photos!! It's so nice to feel the warmth isn't it?

  7. Mother Hen4.3.10

    Rats to the chores, the dust will still be there another day but more pictures of your adorable Elsa please! xxx

  8. how lovely!! theres nothing better than a walk in the sun with the little one. xxx all good reasons to smile.

  9. Hooray for mini-eggs, and Spring, of course.

  10. So, so understanding you lovely girl, sunny walks and daffodils are just the best! Hugs for you and the little one. xxxx

  11. just to let you know i'm passing on MORE sunshine! i've awarded your beauutiful blog with the 'sunshine award' (you can view my blog to find out more) han x x


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