21 February 2010


today elsa is one month old. she's changing so much all the time and it's not until i look back at photos from the first few days that i realise.

i love the series of photos that bloggers like ali and marta and nicole have taken of their little ones each month for one year...and i definitely want to do the same to keep a record of the wee girl as she grows throughout 2010.

so i dressed her in a special outfit this morning...she's normally in plain babygros but today she donned the sweetest polka dot black and white babycord trousers with a little lavender handknit cardi {by grandma g naturally}

all i can say is we had a calamity jane moment in the nappy department before i could put a hand to the camera. if you know the scene then you'll know what i mean.

my plan is to cheat a little and take the photo this week sometime instead. and for now here's a little pic of a quieter scene.


  1. such a sweet baby girl

  2. adorable pic kelly, she looks so snug & warm doesn't she :0) can't help but go "ahh" :0)
    how do you get anything done?
    han x

  3. She's a little peach:)

  4. ah, kelly, such a sweet photo of little e XXX

  5. what a happy, calm little girl x

  6. Beautiful little girl. Growing so fast already.

  7. Ooh I could eat her - I think motherhood does that to you, makes you carnivourous for baby cheeks.

    I wish I had taken a monthly photo - I never even thought about it till a couple of weeks ago and he was six months yesterday. I have photos from nearly every day of his life but I like ones where they wear the same outfit and sit in an Eames rocker - just gotta find me one of those now too!

    Charlotte xx

  8. dear kelly, congratulations!!i'm very happy for you, Elsa is just lovely. Enjoy motherhood xx


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