14 February 2010


happy valentine's

using lyrics as inspiration {as inspired by miss pickering} i did find time to make a card and borrowed these words to say i ♥ you. no pink hearts involved. no flowers required this year. cheese on toast for dinner and perhaps a sip of wine before the zzzs take hold.


  1. you make me feel ashamed - you have a brand new beautiful baby in the house but you still found time to make a valentines card for your loved one.
    hope you had a lovely day together crew!

  2. That is beautiful, really lovely!

  3. I am not fan of pink hearts either. he he

    Beutiful blog.

  4. Mother Hen18.2.10

    Kelly I am loving that card, I wonder whether I could commission you to make a similar one for The Captain for his birthday in July. Hope your gorgeous little Elsa is well and that the wonderful husband is very impressed with his very talented wife xxx


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