11 February 2010


today is my c's birthday...happy 36 mister mcc! truth be told i really have been bad on the gifts front for him this year. and i am quite ashamed that i shop-bought him a card. that is not to say that i don't like cards from shops...there are some gorgeous ones out there and we have been lucky enough to receive so many different ones congratulating us on the arrival of our baby girl. i guess that i have made a rod for my own back when it comes to handmaking cards...for the first time in a very long time i just didn't have time to put sewing machine to paper. oh yeah...i do have a good excuse though! and i think her papa knows he already got the best present ever.

elsa is 3 weeks old today. she and me celebrated with a stroll round the block. wrapped up to the max...it felt good to have the stingy chill on my cheeks as i pushed her pram. she slept soundly under a pumpkin coloured blanket that her grandma knitted...getting her out when we came back inside she was toasty warm and even more perfect for cuddling.

somehow i managed to squeeze in a baking session today and tonight i'll pop a candle on the cake for the birthday boy. we shall dine on butterscotch layered sponge with cups of tea on the sofa and no doubt be in bed early...catching as much sleep as we can! a very early start this morning. but what is sweeter than watching {be it bleary-eyed} your two most precious people snooze alongside you in a warm bed?


  1. what a wonderful photo of your two loves.
    wishing C a very happy 36th birthday.. enjoy your cake... it looks delicious.
    i have a chocolate cake waiting for me in the kitchen which has been baked by my loves as it is also my birthday, though sadly i am no longer 36!
    warmest wishes to you dear kelly x

  2. Sounds like a lovely birthday evening to me. The cake looks really yummy and I'm amazed you manage to fit in cooking it with a 3 weeks old. Anna x

  3. I hope you all have a lovely day....what a perfect present for him.....a little bundle of joy.
    Fantastic looking cake.

  4. Hello kelly

    I used to visit your old blog such a lot and somehow lost the link to this new one until recently. So thrilled for you and Kieran and teh rest of your family. Welcome to a beautiful world little Elsa (what a pretty, pretty name).

    I remember those days, not all that long ago, being with my tiny ones, the daylight and feeling so much joy and peace (ok and tiredness, but more of the former!)

    Many congratulations, enjoy your new lives together and a very happy brithday to your chap too.

  5. happy happy birthday to ciaran from me, n and bump! such a lovely post - sweet sweet photo of c + e and that cake looks absolutely yummy! lots of love, see you soon! XxX

  6. Ooh what lovely photos! That cake looks delicious! Happpy birthday to c then!

  7. what a lovely photo - c looks so happy.

    have a wonderful time and save me some of that cake!
    love ax

  8. hope c had a lovely birthday & enjoyed your scrummy cake :0)
    little elsa looks like a real cutie-pie! x

  9. OMG Kelly you beautiful girl. Elsa is so gorgeous. I can't tell you how happy i am for you both. So sorry to of missed all your amazing news of her arrvial. And now she's 3 weeks old already and it's dad's birthday too, happy birthday new daddy x
    Mr cupcakes came in andi was nearly in tears with happieness for you. Sending you so much love x
    Catherine x

  10. 3 weeks already - it goes so fast eh!
    I just did a blog about birth announcements - maybe if you find a moment(!) you might like to comment too. Elsa is beautiful.

  11. All beautiful pictures, such a lovely moment captured.
    Happy Birthday to C and enjoy sweet Elsa.


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