19 March 2010


i'm sure i've posted here before about this company and their lovely clothes designed and made in northumberland. but the collection of childrenswear always has me all a flutter so i am revisiting...and wishing that a lot of it came in adult sizes too. that said i don't think i'd be brave enough to sport primrose hotpants...but how gorgeous do they look with tights and wellies on a little person? every detail has me really inspired in terms of clothes i know i'll like for elsa when she's bigger...denim:cord:calico:cotton lace:velvet:tiny prints:picot trims...kitten jackets and yum yum dresses and scholar smocks...sigh. surely she won't have other plans in store to become a pink princess?? we have lots of time to wait and see and enjoy her in babygros until she reveals her taste in outfits!


  1. They are cute clothes. There are just too many lovely little girl things around - my Ruby's cupboards are fit to burst!

  2. hi kelly
    how exciting for you to have all these lovely clothes and fabrics for elsa. so so cute. with your skills you can make so many wonderful things. i love the quilt in the previous post.

  3. The smock. She must have a smock.

    Can we have pictures of the completed nursery?

    Spring greetings to all four of you. I am including Bosco.



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