12 March 2010


{born on tuesday}

i am still trying to work out if he is my second cousin or cousin once removed? whatever...he is gorgeous and will be a sweet friend for our elsa. we are off to meet him on monday armed with gifts in exchange for cuddles.

there is quite a baby boom going on around me right now with lots of new additions for friends and family. getting around to making cards and presents has been quite a challenge as a new mummy. at last though i feel i'm making a bit of progress and i can tell you it feels really great to be getting back into a creative groove again. i've adapted the horoscope card this time and i like the direction it's taken.

so with my girl bouncing in her chair beside me i am now going to spend an hour with fabric and scissors...unless of course she has other plans?!


  1. such a sweet card, & i agree how lovely the v&a fabrics are from your last post, i'm planning a trip to the exhibition, but just have to resist ordering any before i make it up there!


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