24 May 2011


today anyway
(inspired by and indebted to miss p)

wearing print makes me happy.

so do painted nails. even if they need re-doing 3 days later.

reading big books is something i just seem to have fallen away from.
i remember enjoying this one so much. i remember i looked forward to my commute every day just to get stuck in to the pages. these days it seems i only dip in to magazines. instant gratification but nothing that works deep in to the heart and soul. i need to find that book to get me hooked again.

cherry yoghurts will always make me think of my grandad. i miss him.

someone is going to have to keep watering our sweet peas when we go on holiday next month. unless the weather here takes a very different direction. a road trip to ireland is beckoning and i'm excited!

finding a new toe tapper is like finding treasure. i have mr sexsmith on loop lately.

it's about time i found a print to go in this frame. any etsy pointers anyone?

every room should have a little bunting.


  1. I'm with you on nearly all of these. Love bunting and need to get mine ironed ready for Huzz's bday coming up. Always have painted toenails, but rarely fingernails these days sadly. I have 3 books on the go, all of which I know I could have finished if I hadn't been so distracted by blogging and magazines!! Love patterns and need to wear them more often.

    Good to hear from you again. Hope you have a good trip to Ireland.

  2. The bunting is lovely. Such perfect colours :)

  3. Also completely addicted to painted nails.

    I saw Rosemary yesterday who was telling me how wonderful Elsa is.

    hope to see you both soon

  4. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! Your pictures are so pretty. I need to find a good book to get back into too! And definitely agree about painted nails- though I have to redo them all the time!!xx

  5. hi kelly
    nice print, nice nails, nice bunting. how do you have time to do anything with a young child. although reading is a great escape and i love big, hardbacked books!
    enjoy ireland - which part do you go to?

  6. oh kelly, i forgot your big day - im so sorry!
    An email is WAY overdue and im so behind with everything - but i feel terrible for mising your birthday my friend. i hope it was lovely and you were spoilt rotten!!! Wishing you all the very best for the next year. An email very soon... and let me know if you find that book you are looking for because i am also looking for the heart and soul food too.
    lots of love and hugs from over here, j xxxx

  7. Just found your lovely blog.

    Feel the same way about nailvarnish, but mine never lasts even 24hrs! have you tried this new shellac varnish that lasts for 3 weeks?

    Hare with the the amber eyes is a great book.

  8. That is such a cute post xx

  9. so many gorgeous things here. love that bunting! x


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