25 May 2012

friday things

it is all about yellow today.
call it an ode to le soleil.

some creative bits to shout out...button magnets should be ready on the cyber shelves next week.
wee buns have been scoffed between gardening tasks.
***2 year old picking newly planted marigolds alert***
i am practising my cross voice. serious face.

cards of appreciation off to the botanic gardens warden of the year and the dear mr + mrs p who collected monsieur bay and posted him home. good people.

lemon curd made and potted to take up north in the morning. we are wilmslow bound to see old friends and meet new little ones...18 month old twins and a 3 year old...elsa is going to have a pretty swell weekend i reckon.


  1. totally jealous of your wilmslow friends. I dream of your lemon curd x

  2. aww thanks janet. i was actually quite sad that i only had enought leftover for one round of toast as a home sample :( must make it just for us more often!! and if i thought it'd get to you in the post without arriving as a sticky parcel i'd be whipping up a jar for you in the morning x


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