05 July 2012

Birthdays Big and Small

two friends celebrate today.
elsa's pal maya and my pal nic.
happy times that i can sit and paint and make little cards for them.
i have actually cleared my desk and to be sat there with an egg cup of water with brush in hand and messy watercolour tin neatly at my reach...a joy.


  1. lovely cards kelly :)

    1. oh thank you Hannah! and so nice to see you pop up...how's things? it was only the other day i was looking at the adorable card you made for elsa with the wee badge. so precious. must catch up. hopping over to your blog now...xXx

    2. Anonymous5.7.12

      Thank you so much for my beautiful card Kelly, I will treasure it, Nic xxx

    3. aha we meet in blogland Nic!! thanks for leaving me a message. you are very welcome lovely friend XxX

  2. Anonymous12.7.12

    i love the flowers. how beautiful and so sweet. xo


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