03 July 2012

Slow Tuesday

not a lot to say today. it is a bit grey. runny noses and rain. some dressing up and doodling.

we were up bright and early at 4.50am but now fading a bit.
strong coffee and sweet honey have been fueling my day.
and simply pottering. with a side helping of stuart little 2...twice. elsa is obsessed with the baby called martha...hardly the star of the show but her favourite. maybe it's the ringlets?

i am still enjoying painting some of elsa's outfits. she has had some lovely clothes and i think it would be a nice project to illustrate my/her favourites so if they get packed away or handed on i still have a token to remember them by. i keep a few things hanging on the walls in our house actually like the frock above.

my dream is to start up a collection of illustrations and perhaps see if anyone else would like some?
boys too : )

in other news...
our dill has pretty flowers that would make quite a lampshade! caffeine hallucinations...

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  1. Kelly I LOVE that idea of painting her outfits. It would be a beautiful memento. You could write a little story under each one - a trip to the park and who she chatted to while wearing it, that sort of thing. I might send you a few photos of the girls and dusty in their fav outfits and commission you to paint theirs too if you are interested? xx


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